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We are a reliable and efficient security systems company servicing the NY Tri-state area with top-notch solutions and products. Our team at Parker Custom Security & Intercoms is a group of professional experts in the field. We are licensed by New York State and provide our clients with a 24/7 hour service.


Parker Custom Security & Intercoms | We take our security measures to great lengths.

For years Parker Intercom works closely with homeowners, commercial and residential management markets providing them solutions for the most challenging security issues. We understand our clients and their need for securing their home or business. Security matters to you and you matter to us.
We take our time and explain to our clients what they need to secure their home or business and explain to you which new security devices— be it new installations; upgrades or repairs for their current products are most relevant.
No matter what your security needs are and regardless of the size of your building or home’s property or the level of security you are seeking we are able to help you ensure your place is safer and more secure. It is important to consider an annual security audit to make sure that your current devices measure up to the ever-changing security standards frequently.

We take considerable measures to guarantee that appropriate security technologies are used in the most effective manner for your residence or place of business since we deeply understand how important your security is.

Parker Custom Security & Intercoms | our mission and goals

At Parker Intercom our mission and goals are to ensure that all of your security needs are met accordingly and promptly. We are here to help you tackle any security concerns you may face. No detail is too small for us to overlook, as you cannot jeopardize the safety of your business, building parameters and the people who inhabit them at any given moment.

We will work with you to determine the extent of the security measures that are suitable for you and provide you with detailed information regarding layout, number and types of cameras, intercoms or doors, pricings, installations, repairs, maintenance, and product features you will need at Parker Custom Security & Intercoms we will work with you and take all the steps needed to ensure that safety and security have been reached at every level.

We ensure total security for your business or home. Start with a FREE ESTIMATE evaluation for all of your security needs now. Receive your FREE quote today! To begin establishing a better, safer, and more secure environment, give us a call at 212.300.1050.

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