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Parker Intercom offers complete access control solutions for your security no matter what size your business or home may be. We install and maintain the most reliable and innovative access control solutions services to meet your personal needs.
Whether you need a sophisticated biometric or fingerprint entry system, or just your basic wall system or a mounted proximity card reader— we offer the most comprehensive range of access control that is available on today’s market.

Access control systems

Access control systems nowadays are very crucial to your building’s security. These advanced systems allow you to manage carefully who has access to particular areas of your property and it allows you to monitor the status of your building’s entries. Conventional keys are no longer a sufficient way to secure your property. Access control gives you control to secure your property.
Whether you have one office door or hundreds of them— we know that you can’t always be there to guard, manage and access them at all times; therefore, our approach lets you do it all— from allowing entries, print badges, opening doors, and setting schedules to see who’s in your building and giving you access from wherever you are (you can view everything from desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones) through a single and secure web-based administrative interface.

What are the access control solutions we offer?

We allow you to manage security for either one or hundreds of facilities utilizing our cloud-based infrastructure through a secure web-based administrative interface managing it all from your site through a desktop, tablet or smartphone (iPhone or Android). Stay informed all the time with notifications delivered in real time via email and via texts for your convenience.
Access and monitor live video streams from security cameras and have access to review video clips linked to important events. Ensure compliance through the customized security analysis and reports that are sent automatically via email on your predetermined schedule and terms.
At Parker Intercom we know that security is a top priority for all. End users from large commercial buildings, tenants to small business owners to huge enterprise security officers are all conscious of their security needs more than ever. Access control service gives everyone an opportunity to have control over these security issues with better management. Whether you would like to secure a small strip mall or a large-sized office building— we know that being in control of a facility is a crucial component of managing your business.

We offer the following services:

At Parker Intercom we understand the enormous challenges and concerns you may face when choosing which security systems you wish to implement. We are proud to be leaders in the industry.

We have the best products you need and provide the services and support structure to meet your standards and to make sure you are always secure. At Parker Intercom we keep up with trends in the industry and the ever-changing technologies and hold to the highest standards in the industry.

We focus on what matters most to you. We helped serve many businesses and are here to help you as well. Call us today for a free estimate regarding access control services installation, repairs or any security services you may need. Call us for a free estimate now at 212.300.1050.



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