Door Intercom Systems: Secure Your New Jersey Property

Door Intercom Systems: Secure Your New Jersey Property

It’s crucial to take all reasonable precautions for your family’s safety and the security of your house. A dependable and efficient security system must be purchased in New Jersey due to higher-than-average property crime rates there. A door intercom system is one such device that may dramatically improve your home’s security. With a door intercom system, you may quickly and securely speak with visitors and guests before allowing them to enter your home. The advantages of door intercom systems, the wide varieties, things to consider when selecting a system, installation and maintenance advice, and some of the best door intercom systems available will all be covered in this article.

Benefits Of Intercom Systems

A variety of advantages that door intercom systems provide might assist you in improving the security and safety of your New Jersey home. These systems’ primary benefit is letting you speak with guests before granting them entrance to your property. This may assist in avoiding unlawful entry and other security breaches. This is especially helpful if you reside in a neighborhood with a high crime risk or if your house contains expensive items.

Door intercom systems also provide comfort and simplicity of usage. You may speak to them via the intercom system rather than having to answer the door each time someone rings the bell or knocks. This is particularly useful if you need help with movement or have a lot on your plate.

A door intercom system may also cost less in the long term. You can lower your insurance costs and prevent break-ins from becoming expensive if you maintain your property safe and forbid unwanted entry.

Lastly, adding a door intercom system to your home might raise its worth. Homes with sophisticated security measures often command higher prices from potential purchasers, making the investment beneficial for homeowners.

Types Of Intercom Systems

The market offers a variety of door intercom systems kinds, each with special characteristics and advantages. Audio-only, video, and wireless intercom systems are the three basic varieties of door intercom systems.

The most basic kind of intercom system accessible is an audio-only intercom system. Using an intercom set on your wall, these systems let you hear and speak with guests. Although straightforward and inexpensive, they lack the visual aspect of video intercom systems.

On the other side, video intercom systems provide both audio and visual communication with guests. You may boost the security of your house by being able to see who is at the door before allowing them inside with a video intercom system. These systems may be wired or wireless, including motion detection and remote unlocking.

Wireless intercom devices are perfect for those who wish to avoid wiring and wall drilling. These systems are simple to install and convenient to operate since they employ wireless technology to communicate between units. Other functions included in some wireless intercom systems include video and remote unlocking.

The optimal intercom system for your purposes will depend on several factors, including your budget, the size and nature of your property, the amount of protection you want, and the features you want.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Intercom System

The budget comes first and foremost. When buying a door intercom system, deciding how much you can afford to spend is crucial—prices may vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

The nature and dimensions of your property are other crucial elements. You could want a more sophisticated intercom system covering all regions if your property is huge or has many entrance points. On the other hand, a simple audio-only intercom system can be enough if you live in a tiny flat.

Another important factor to think about is the required degree of security. Do you need a system with cutting-edge capabilities like biometric scanning or face recognition? Or do you merely want a straightforward solution that enables fundamental visitor communication?

Finally, extra features and functionality may also impact your choice. For instance, some intercom systems may work with other home security systems. In contrast, others could provide smartphone access from a distance. Considering these variables, you may choose a door intercom system that meets your unique requirements and offers the best security for your New Jersey home.

Installation And Maintenance Of Door Intercom Systems

When shopping for a door intercom system for your New Jersey home, it’s important to think about installation and upkeep. You’ll need to decide immediately whether you want to hire an expert installer or try to set everything up independently. Installing the system yourself might save you money, but a professional installation guarantees that it will be built correctly and performed at peak efficiency. Installing the system yourself requires careful attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and, if necessary, the aid of a qualified technician.

The continued viability of your system depends on your diligence in performing routine maintenance and repairs after installation. The system must be tested often, with components being cleaned and replaced as necessary and any damage or indications of wear and tear being noted and repaired. Do your homework before purchasing a door intercom system since some models have more stringent upkeep needs than others.

You should know some basic troubleshooting procedures if your system stops working properly. Possible solutions include double-checking the power supply, double-checking the connections, and resetting the system. Suppose you need help fixing the problem. In that case, you should contact a professional expert not to invalidate the warranty or do any more harm.

Top Door Intercom Systems On The Market

Several alternatives are available on the market when selecting a door intercom system. It’s crucial to compare and contrast different goods, their features, and their performance to assist you in making an educated selection. We’ll examine some of the best door intercom systems, including audio-only, video, and wireless models, in this portion of the post. Also, we’ll provide a thorough overview of the benefits and drawbacks of each system and make suggestions depending on your financial situation and security requirements. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward, budget-friendly system or a more intricate, feature-rich one, this guide will help you choose the best door intercom system for your New Jersey house.

Parker Intercom – Door Intercom Systems Installation in New Jersey

Parker Intercom is a recognized installer of door intercom systems in New Jersey. Our team of professionals, with years of expertise in the security sector, can assist you in selecting and installing a door intercom system that meets your requirements and budget. We provide a variety of alternatives, including audio-only, video, and wireless intercom systems. We can help you choose the best system depending on your property’s size, nature, and security requirements. Thanks to our expert installation services, your door intercom system will be properly installed and configured. Count on us to provide a dependable door intercom system to safeguard your New Jersey home.


A door intercom system is a wise investment if you want to improve the security and safety of your New Jersey home. A door intercom system is a wise investment for any homeowner due to the advantages of greater security, convenience, cost savings, and property value. Consider aspects including your budget, the kind and size of your property, and your security requirements when selecting a system. For maximum performance, choose the expert installation. Finding the best door intercom system might take much work since so many alternatives are available. Still, you can make an educated choice by reading our top selections and suggestions. Get a reliable and efficient door intercom system for your New Jersey home now.

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