Intercom System Installation

An intercom system is installed to solve a variety of security issues one may want to tackle or face at home or in a business setting. An intercom system allows you to communicate better, more conveniently and increase protection for your home, office or business with a variety of top of the line visual or audio intercom systems so you can feel safe and secure.


Intercom systems feature cameras, videos, and remote access to help secure you at all times—be it day or night.

We specialize in new intercom installations, upgrades or any replacements you may need.  At Parker Intercom we repair existing intercom systems and also fix and do maintenance work for both audio and video intercom systems. We have a wide range of brands you can choose from including the world’s most trusted brands in the industry.

There are several intercom system installations you can choose from, depending on what you need, we will consult with you and help you determine the extent of the security measures that need to be taken for your home or business.
We will work with you closely and take all the steps necessary to ensure that your safety and security needs are met at every level. Intercom installation is available in many ways and options. It can be installed for a single family or multi-tenant units including audio, video and remote access for your convenience.

What Are Your Options? We Offer A Wide Range Of Intercom Systems

Parker Intercom is one of the leading security and intercom companies based in New York City. We provide our services for intercom installation in the NY Tri-state area. Call us for a free estimate today to find out more about our services and which intercom installation is suitable for your needs.

Wireless (IP Based) or wired intercom systems

Telephone entry systems

Doorbell buzzer systems

Room to room intercom

Office intercom

Broadcast intercom

Door entry panels

Audio intercoms

Video Intercoms

IP intercom

Apartment stations

Telephone entry system

Who Uses Our Services?

We are proud to offer top of the line intercom solutions for your home or business. We provide you with an efficient and effective way to secure your premise so that you can easily identify individuals at your facility. Don’t delay and start securing your home or office now. Whether you want a system upgrade, or need to replace an existing system, or wish to install a completely new intercom system we are here for you.
Contact our intercom experts today for additional information about our end-to-end intercom installation, upgrades, repair services for your home or office. We install intercoms for businesses, residential and apartment buildings. Call us now at 212.300.1050 for your free estimate.


We have clients that are looking for residential intercom systems for apartment buildings.

Commercial intercom

Business owners, offices, schools, hospitals, and many other organizations seek our services for installing intercom for their security.

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