Prevent the risk of burglary at your business

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In any business, security is always the most important thing. It is critical to defending your home from burglary.

The level of precaution you take will be determined by a variety of criteria, including the value of your assets and whether your company is located in a high-risk location. However, it is always preferable to prevent a burglary than to cope with the consequences.

Begin by considering your business’s façade from the perspective of a burglar. Reduce the number of possible hiding spots for a burglar, such as bushes and empty skips. Deter burglars by installing outdoor lights in dark or vulnerable areas.

You can also take the following steps to improve the security of your commercial property and prevent or capture evidence of a burglary.

Install High-Quality Doors and Locks

First and foremost, you should ensure that your external doors are properly sturdy. The majority of commercial exterior doors should be solid metal or something similar. This implies that thieves must force access, which is vital for insurance payouts if they break in.

Following that, you should install high-quality locks on your doors. Traditional style locks are now more robust than ever, thanks to technological improvements, and electronic locks and entry systems are also available.

For exterior doors, we recommend deadbolt locks. They prevent a burglar from forcing the door open by sliding something between the gaps, and they cannot be picked. In other words, if you utilize high-quality deadbolts, it will be impossible for anyone to gain admission.

Cameras for security

Burglars are greatly deterred by CCTV security cameras. There are currently numerous types available, and they are smaller, less expensive, and more practical and adaptable than when they were initially introduced. Security cameras aid in the prevention of crime or the recording of evidence of burglary for simple prosecution and insurance. Make them as obvious as possible to keep people away as much as possible.

Another advantage of security cameras is their ability to monitor your personnel. This may not be as important in a small or family-run firm, but if you hire a large number of staff, you need to keep an eye out to ensure that no criminality is taking place on the inside.

Alarm Systems for Burglars

If you’ve followed the recommendations thus far, you should already have a fairly secure commercial property. The finishing touch is to install a burglary alarm system, which is both a deterrent and a preventative measure. Again, technological advancements make these systems more useful and inexpensive.

Alarm systems detect unauthorized access and sound a loud alarm to deter potential intruders. They can also be linked so that they notify you of any unexpected behavior on or off the property.

Keep Valuables in a Safe

Our final suggestion is that you keep your cash and valuables in a safe. If the worst happens and someone gains unlawful entry to your property, a safe can offer an extra layer of security, making it nearly impossible for burglars to take the real treasure home.

Select an adequate safe to safeguard your possessions. The higher the security rating of the safe, the more protection you will require

Take precautions when using social media.

When you post that your office or business will be closed, it implies that the space will be vacant for an extended length of time. To avoid a break-in, share postings that suggest someone visits the building frequently, such as images of yourself there.

By notifying your property and casualty insurance agent of any changes, you may keep your company insurance policy active and your file up to date. In the event of a burglary, this will make it easier to file a claim and keep your business running. Your agent can also advise you on the coverage you need to protect your business.

How small business insurance protects your business from burglaries and theft

Theft and break-ins don’t have to hurt your finances. In case of an accident, the following types of small business insurance can help your company get back on its feet:

Commercial property insurance can help your business make up for lost or stolen supplies, equipment, inventory, and furniture. This policy protects your business space and your belongings, whether you own or rent it.

A business owner’s policy, or BOP, combines property insurance and general liability insurance at a price that is usually lower than if the policies were bought separately. It helps businesses save money while covering losses like theft or damage.

With Parker Custom Security, you can protect high-value items and property that leaves your business, like tools you take to and from work sites. Equipment that moves from place to place, like cameras, tools, and catering equipment, usually has a higher chance of being lost.

Security Services, Camera, Security System

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