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We offer a diverse selection of security cameras in various sizes and styles to enhance safety in homes and offices, prioritizing everyone’s security.

Whether you need a wireless surveillance camera or a wired one; we have the mechanism to have security camera installations that are suitable for you. Additionally, we are proud to offer the best rates in the industry that are competitive and comfortable.

We also have a variety of brands to choose from and we focus on installing quality brands for your home or business. At Parker Intercom we install wired and wireless high-definition security cameras and we specialize in networked cameras— which are known as IP cameras. The quality of the picture will be much better than the analog security cameras.

We will consult with you and conclude which security camera is most suitable to meet your needs. At Parker Intercom we guarantee that we will meet and exceed your security program needs— and all of this at very reasonable and comfortable prices.

Why Choose us for Your Security Camera Installation?

Our cameras have advanced night vision technology that captures clear HD Images

Upkeep is practically hassled free; you can watch your home or business remotely from anywhere in the world

We have aesthetically pleasing cameras that will maintain the beauty of your home or community

No uncomfortable glaring lights that are harmful for your eyes

We are New York State licensed and insured

We provide you with exceptional service

Our team of technicians is well trained and are experts in the field

We are reliable, honest and prompt with our service

Who needs Security Camera Installations? We have a wide range of satisfied customers that use our services throughout the Tri-State area:

We have a knowledgeable team of technicians that are professional, reliable and very trustworthy with a strong track record that we are proud of. Our team is here to serve your needs and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
The reality is that virtually any commercial or residential facility seeks security camera installation for both indoor and outdoor security.

Parker Intercom is known in the industry with a stellar reputation. We are professional, reliable and you and can trust us to meet all your security needs with innovative security systems for either commercial or residential markets.

At Parker Intercom we distinguish ourselves from other companies by providing our customers with exceptional customer service and very affordable and comfortable prices.

It is our core value to develop strong relationships with our customers for mutual respect and satisfaction.

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